EARC conference

The EARC is an acronym for the 6thEast African Healthcare Engineering Regional Conference and Exhibition” 2018.

A bi-annual conference organized in “rounds” by the five east African countries that is Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania. (excluding the new member South Sudan)

Each country in particular has healthcare engineering associations that champion organisation of this “call to action” event. Influencing policy makers in the healthcare sector to drive change in national, and indirectly, international global health.

Uganda will organize this year’s healthcare engineering conference, notably by its association known as UNAMHE, Uganda National Association for Medical and Hospital Engineering.

A non-political, non-governmental, non-religious and independent association, strictly non-profit and whose resources are being used exclusively to foster the exchange of medical and hospital engineering technology with the ultimate goal that sick people in Uganda and elsewhere in the world receive better health care.

Its sources of funds are membership fees, annual contributions and donations. UNAMHE was founded in 1993. Since around 2000, the association has been inactive but reclaimed its full potential in June 2008

Healthcare / biomedical engineering associations that take part include;

  1. Uganda National Association for Medical and Hospital Engineering’s (UNAMHE)
  2. Association of Medical Engineering Kenya (AMEK)
  3. Associatio Burundaise d’Ingénierie Biomédicale et Hospitalière (ABIB)
  4. Association of Medical Engineers and Technicians, Tanzania (AMETT)
  5. Rwanda Association of Medical Engineering (RAME).

This will be yet another opportunity for East African countries to come together and influence positive change in communities in pursuit to achieve Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

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