Jude Odele

Jude Odele

Jude is a publicity team lead in the EARC (The 6th East African Healthcare Engineering Regional Conference and Exhibition 2018), a bi-annual conference organized by East African countries. The EARC is an umbrella for all the different healthcare engineering associations in East Africa

The conference is one way of discussing the progress in the Biomedical Engineering field, the roles it is meant to play and the partnerships that are needed to thrive the Universal Health Coverage (UHC).

The conference major objective is to understand the multi sectorial approach in addressing the challenges that hinder Universal Health Coverage in East Africa through sharing knowledge and experiences in the different health sectors.

Jude Odele is responsible for advertising and media management during this conference. As a member of the conference’s organizing committee, he takes part in its organization, and development teams, thus increasing awareness of its key objectives.

Prior to taking part in this groundbreaking movement, Jude Odele has taken part in product management, marketing, and communications while at Calibre Medical Solutions Limited. A biomedical engineering company founded by pioneer Ugandan Biomedical Engineers in Uganda, whose sole purpose is to positively influence the culture of healthcare delivery in Uganda and East Africa.

Jude oversees sponsorships, advertising, media placements, content curation, and development of digital marketing health strategies during the EARC.

Jude Odele holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from Makerere University